The robust health and safety procedures that we have in our workplace is of paramount importance at Birtley Group. When Lisa Ramos and her husband Dave presented a talk to staff about her accident at work in 2006, they reiterated how safety at work can never be treat with complacency.

Lisa lost a foot in the accident and, after eight operations, most of her left leg. Unable to return to work, Lisa and Dave now visit companies across the UK and talk about how the accident happened and the impact it has had. They highlighted how crucial it is for employees to follow safety procedures and help prevent avoidable accidents.

The physical and emotional details that Lisa and Dave covered were hard hitting. Lisa and Dave gave a frank and sensitive account of the accident and the physical and mental strain the family endured along with friends and colleagues, some of whom needed counselling.

Lisa told us that whilst the family eventually came to terms with how their lives would never be the same again, it had a long-term impact on their son whose thirteenth birthday fell on the day that the accident took place.

Carla O’May, Head of People at Birtley Group arranged the Lisa and Dave’s talk. She said: “Hearing first-hand how Lisa’s accident had a profound effect on herself and her family, really brought home the massive importance of safety at work and sticking to the procedures.”

Simon Hogg, Health and Safety Manager said: “You don’t expect to turn up to do your job one day, as you normally do, and for your life to change dramatically. But the fact is, accidents can happen at work.

“Lisa’s thought-provoking talk will stay with us for a long time and heighten everyone’s awareness of keeping ourselves and colleagues safe on the shop floors and in our yards and offices.