Single Rebate & Double Rebate

Single Rebate Vs Double Rebate Composite Doors

Our energy-efficient composite doors are available as both standard single and premium double rebated options in a variety of styles and colours. There are significant differences between the two models.


Standard Single Rebated Composite Doors

A rebate is a channel that is cut into the edge of the door that allows the ‘slab’ to fit tight against the frame. As the name suggests, a single rebate features one continuous groove that provides a robust weather seal that impacts the thermal efficiency of the doorset.

The key features of a single rebated composite door include:

  1. Reinforced frame for strength
  2. PCVu and LVL timber doorslab frame for rigidity
  3. PVC insert for additional strength
  4. Standard 44mm thick slab
  5. 2D adjustable hinges


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Single rebate composite door 44mm
double rebate composite door 68mm

Premium Double Rebated Composite Doors

Double rebated doors offer a 68mm thick slab with twin compression seals that offer superior thermal, weather and acoustic properties in comparison to a standard single rebate composite door. These doors are popular within the retail market due to their premium features such as steel reinforcements in the frame and door slab.

  1. Steel reinforcement in the frame
  2. Steel reinforcement on the door slab for additional strength
  3. 68mm thick slab – 54% thicker than the standard single rebate composite door
  4. Premium hinges for optimum operation
  5. Twin compression seals for superior weather performance
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