How to Hang a Christmas Wreath Without Damaging Your Composite Door

How to Hang a Christmas Wreath Without Damaging Your Composite Door


Hanging a Wreath on a Composite Door

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s finally time to venture into the loft and make room for those all-important Christmas decorations.

It’s not just the halls you want to deck this Christmas, your front door could also use a little Christmas spirit too and nothing says “welcome to our home” than a festive Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreaths can damage front doors if care is not taken when hanging them. We don’t want to be a scrooge, so before you reach for the nails and screws,  please read our blog about how to hang a Christmas wreath without damaging your door.

Here are our top tips when it comes to hanging your winter wreath this Christmas without damaging your composite door

Hang with a ribbon – With a door knocker

For those that have a doorknocker, a ribbon can be used to attach your wreath to your front door without external damage. But as it is Christmas, don’t use any old string to attach your wreath instead, use a range of festive ribbons (yes the most Christmassy ribbons you can find) to create that stand-out feature that compliments your front door.

Hang with a ribbon- Without a door knocker

Christmas wreath on door

The last thing you want to be doing to your front door is force nails and screws through it (we REALLY don’t recommend this) however ribbons can be used as a simple yet effective alternative. If you’re wondering how to hang a wreath to your front without the use doorknocker we have the answer, simply follow our three simple steps below:

1. Use a long piece of ribbon and with one end, begin to attach this onto your wreath (be sure to tie a tight bow around your wreath to keep this in place).

2. With the other end of the ribbon begin to place this over the top of your door so the wreath hangs down the front side of your door at your desired height.

3. With the ribbon that hangs over the top of your inside door, simply attach a stick-on hook to the back of your door and tie the ribbon so that it holds the wreath in place.

Removable stick-on or magnetic hooks

Doors with large glass panels are ideal for stick-on or magnetic hooks as you are unlikely to damage the glass removing the sticky residue it leaves behind.

We don’t recommend using an adhesive to stick the wreath to the door as when it comes to taking it off, you may find yourself with a patch of missing paint!

Wrap it up and put a bow on it

As an alternative to hanging a wreath on your door, you could wrap your door like a Christmas present by using a thick long ribbon to form a cross and simply tie a bow in the middle.

Protect your paintwork

Once you have your wreath in place, you need to ensure that it doesn’t scratch the exterior of your door. Our doors feature a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin. Although GRP is a durable material with regards to weather resistance, we need to ensure that the painted surface is protected from the movement of the wreath.

The easiest way to do this is to attach felt to the back of your wreath to act as a buffer between the door and the decoration. These are easy to get hold of with a number of online and high street retailers offering them.

Beware of metal hooks

To keep your door in a tip-top working condition beyond the festive period; we don’t recommend the use of metal wreath hangers that fix over the top of the door. These can damage the weather seals and have an impact on the thermal performance of your door (probably the reason you chose a composite door over timber, UPVc and steel alternatives!)

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