Double Rebate Doors Deliver

Double Rebate Doors Deliver

According to the latest Insight Data report, the number of composite door manufacturers has already started to decline. Composite doors aren’t exactly becoming a commodity but the market is clearly getting so crowded, some companies are starting to struggle. It’s at this point that differentiation becomes critical. According to Bowater Doors by Birtley, more fabricators are choosing double rebated doors to ensure they really stand out.

Kevin Kiernan of Bowater Doors says: “We are one of a handful of companies to offer a double rebated door and since we brought the product back to market earlier this year, we’ve had a lot of interest because fabricators and installers need more than ever to genuinely stand out from the competition. Double rebate gives them an easy sell: ‘their’s is a 44mm and mine is a 68mm!’. That means better security, better thermal efficiency and better acoustic performance. Double rebate doors are easier to install and adjust on-site compared to single rebate doors too.

“Although the thicker door offers more thermal efficiency and greater security, thanks to the resources of Birtley Group we can still offer our double rebate doors with a wide range of colours, door styles and with a comprehensive range of hardware and decorative glass options. This means homeowners don’t have to compromise on aesthetics to get the additional protection they want.

“Double rebate doors offer a true point of differentiation in an increasingly tough market. Having a product that not many other people have, is a great way to get ahead of the competition and set yourself apart. Especially when it comes with no compromise in terms of choice of colour and style.”