Birtley Group Launches Bowater Doors

“Bowater Doors brings together the best of Bowater Doors and the best of Birtley Group,” says Kevin Kiernan of Birtley Group. “We’ve developed one of the widest ranges available to give fabricators, installers, housebuilders and homeowners the choice they need in such a competitive market. Birtley Group acquired Bowater Doors at the end of 2015 but we didn’t want to shout about it until the integration was complete and we were ready to deliver. Now we are.

“Our door offering brings together the best of Bowater Door’s reputation for excellent quality, service and a personal touch, with Birtley’s resources to provide technologically advanced doorsets. This includes superb aesthetics, security and energy performance. The composite door range alone offers more choice than most with both 44mm and 68mm available, a range of doors to suit all budgets from commodity to high end and a wide range of colours thanks to our in-house paint line.

“Bowater Doors product manufacturing resides at Birtley’s well-established facility in the North East, where significant investment has been taking place. We’ve installed new machinery including the paint line for complete control of our colour offering and have employed a programme of ongoing improvement with lean principles throughout the business. This means we are dedicated to continuous improvement and are committed to listening to our customers and staff to ensure we keep making things better.

“As is inevitable in any large-scale culmination of brands, there was a lot of work to do when Birtley Group first acquired Bowater Doors. We needed to combine the Birtley and Bowater Doors ranges, integrate the new Bowater Doors offering into our production processes and get buy-in from the entire team. This has now been achieved and we’re looking forward to showing the market just how good the new range is at the FIT Show in May.”

If you want to find out more about Bowater Doors and see the complete new range, call us today on 0191 410 6631.