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When it comes to flood proofing your home, the front door is often one of the largest openings in the home making it vulnerable during a flood.

Bowater Doors are one of a handful of composite door manufacturers to offer a fully certified flood defence door for the home that is tested to PAS 1188, the UK standard for flood protection products.

Protection and prevention

To achieve this, the door was placed in a water tank and subjected to static water as well as waves and currents to ensure the system delivered a significantly less leakage rate over a period of time.

In comparison to sandbags and door flood barriers, flood doors are a permanent ‘fit and forget’ flood prevention fixture that remains in place should the floodwaters start to rise. They are usually indistinguishable from a regular exterior composite door, yet the structure and seals are designed to significantly reduce the amount of water entering a property during a flood. In addition to this, they also retain all the energy efficiency and low maintenance properties as a standard composite door.

As with all flood products, testing is the key to ensuring you have a validated flood door for your home.

Flood Defence Composite Door
Flood Defence Door

Key features:

  • PAS 1188 Approved
  • Superior weather performance
  • GRP ‘skin’
  • Steel-reinforced frame
  • Flood resistant seals to protect against rising waters
  • Double rebate (68mm) door slab
  • Anti-bump euro-cylinder lock
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Highly secure
  • Reinforced glass
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